15 badass female Instagram accounts you ~HAVE~ to follow according to the Miss FQ Collective

7 March 2019
By Fashion Quarterly

We’re all about women supporting other women 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year in, year out. But with International Women’s Day rearing its big, beautiful and intelligent head, we thought we’d highlight the badass female icons fueling the feminist feeds of all the current and future girlbosses like yourself.

And no, we’re not just referring to the glamorous celebs and supermodels blowing up your Instagram feeds (though there’s plenty of them using their influence to promote women’s rights, which is awesome), we’re talking about the relentless, supercharged female superheroes honing their craft for the greater good irrespective of their follower count.

‘But where do you find these women’ we hear you cry. Well, we didn’t just find them in some pre-existing list on the internet, if that’s what you were thinking. No, on this occasion – and it is a BIG occasion –  we’ve whipped out the big guns (figuratively speaking): our Miss FQ Collective.  You know, our squad of switched on millennials from across the country tackling the highs and lows of adulting while remaining unapologetically woke, individual and pursuing their passions? Yeah, they’re awesome. You should totally get to know them.

If you’re looking to pepper in some punchy female attitude, projects, inspiration or daily anecdotes into your Instagram feed, scroll to discover the all-empowering list of badass women recommended by the Miss FQ Collective below: 

Rupi Kaur


Chosen by Bhavana Bhim

“She is an incredible writer, poet and illustrator. Her poetry gets me to deeply reflect on life, love and how women are treated in society.”


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Back to life, back to reality after countless Tartelette Fraise and Croissants to die for. 🍓🥐🍰 I’m so lucky that coming back to work feels exciting with a simmering undercurrent of scary – it means I’m not in my comfort zone, somewhere I’m stoked to be. Tomorrow I send off my book draft, and the process of editing, improving and strengthening it begins. I’ve asked my editor to be tough on me and honest, and I know she will be.🤸 I want to write the book I needed. I want to be as proud of it as I can. I want you to ~love~ it, use it, write in it, make notes. I want you to realise you can #bethechange when you turn the last page – even if you just want to change something small or, say, make Tartelette Fraise mandatory for everyone every lunch time. Infact, I implore you to do that. 🍓🍓🍓

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Gina Martin


Chosen by Molly Floyd

“Gina is an empowering activist and freelance writer who made upskirting illegal in the UK. Her playful Instagram features badass fashion, cohesive illustrations and her posts are made up of inspiring messages surrounding body image, female empowerment and activism.”


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. 👯‍♀️🔥

A post shared by prepairnz (@prepairnz) on

Irene Wakefield

@iamirenenz  @prepairnz

Chosen by Bonnie Brown

“Irene runs Prepair NZ a charity that focuses on teaching young girls (and women) about emotional abuse, self-love and everything in between. I love everything she is doing…”

Zoë Foster Blake


…I also adore Zoë Foster Blake @zotheysay. She’s my biggest career, life, style (and literally anything and everything else) inspiration.”

Eliana Gil Rodriguez


Chosen by Aasha-Samara Nimo

“I’m very particular about who I follow so you can be sure @elianagilrodriguez’s beautiful images and intellectual, thought-provoking content – sometimes regarding sustainable fashion and other times art history – that she’s one for the books!”


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A post shared by Bethany Hamilton (@bethanyhamilton) on

Bethany Hamilton


Chosen by Aimee-Leigh Scott

“She is an American pro surfer who survived a shark attack when she was 13 years old. Despite losing her arm she returned to professional surfing.”


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A post shared by Hannah Mellsop (@realradfood) on

Hannah Mellsop

@realradfood  @hannahmellsop

Chosen by Lydia Michael

“She is SUCH a girlboss but is also so down to earth. She’s super sweet to chat to, incredibly talented and has a powerhouse business brain! She’s always positive and uplifting on the ‘gram, but shares sher real life too so we know it’s not all sunshine and rainbows running your own biz! I love the way she works with other Kiwi built businesses – she inspires me on the daily!”

Check out Hannah Mellsop’s delicious bliss ball recipe here.  


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A post shared by Donna Missal (@donnamissal) on

Donna Missal


Chosen by Taylor Compain

“I know and follow so many inspiring women on Instagram it’s so hard to narrow it down to just one! I think a huge standout for me would be Donna Missal. She’s a singer-songwriter from New Jersey and there is just something so powerful about her, and the feminine energy she exudes. On top of that her album is stunning and needs to be heard by everyone! I am obsessed with every single photo she posts. She has a softness but is a total not-give-a-f**k-badass. I could go on forever about everything that has to do with her – I LOVE it all.”


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Dare you to tell me braids don’t look luxe.💁🏽‍♀️When my friends at Mercedes asked me to be on the cover of their magazine @shesmercedes for boss women who buy Benzies, I was honored…and my first question was if this means I get a Mercedes.🤣The answer was no (shocking). So, I figured the next best ask was if I could have an all-black female cast of creatives bring this cover to life. The answer was yes. So, I booked my boo @porschefabulous for makeup, I hit up my girl @sheekswinsalways to shoot it and she hit up her girl @thehairartiste . They dreamed up this little Maxine Shaw realness braided bob moment, and we proceeded to make black girl magic on set.💫Still working towards that Benzie but feeling pretty damn bossy nonetheless. (Not an ad but will work for a Benzie…just sayinnn. 🤣🚘)

A post shared by Elaine Welteroth (@elainewelteroth) on

Elaine Welteroth


Chosen by Harriet Keown

“Journalist, author and former editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue (yes, she’s the person we have to thank for Teen Vogue going woke), Elaine Welteroth is the only person on Instagram who could have a hundred tiny dashes at the top of her Insta story and would still have me watching every single one. Aside from the fact that she’s my dream career mentor, Elaine inspires me to be more insightful, more exuberant and particularly more aware of how I can be more intersectional and inquisitive in my feminism.”


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u can read all the self help books in the world and write in ur journal and sit under trees with ur phone on flight mode and set goals and have the best time with ur friends and be loved up by ur family and still come home to ur unaddressed sadness and cry urself to sleep bc broken hearts mend in their own time and they don’t mend at all if u don’t let urself hurt a lil. lean into the heaviness u feel in ur chest. even if it sucks. even if it’s embarrassing. even if it’s been months. even if it’s in the middle of the turn up. this season we’re facing everything we go thru with ALL of our feelings. esp the ugly ones. let them come so they can pass. 🌬🌬 have u had a wah today??? i’ve had four 💔 (photo cred @rarogrl)

A post shared by GIRL ALMIGHTY (@josie.edan) on

Josie Edan


Chosen by Marielle Hawkes

“She breaks down taboos on the regular and constantly reminds me to unpack my assumptions and my privilege. She empowers women to be their realest, unfiltered selves.”


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A post shared by Claudia Sulewski (@claudiasulewski) on

Claudia Sulewski


Chosen by Elizabeth Paul

“She is an inspiration in all aspects of life, health, fitness and fashion. When I watch her YouTube videos or Instagram story it puts me in a mood to get stuff done, constantly reminding me why it is important to be positive and work hard.”


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Start living out those dreams of yours ❤️

A post shared by ABBY PLESTED | MAKEUP ARTIST (@abbyplested) on

Abby Plested


Chosen by Ruby Major

Abby is such a relatable and positive Kiwi to follow on the gram!  She is constantly showing not only the glamour and fun in her life but also the not so glamorous stuff. She is also now a SUPER talented makeup artist!”


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A post shared by Gala Darling (@galadarling) on

Gala Darling


Chosen by Georgia-Jane Rippin

“She’s a self-help guru who gives amazing practical advice on how to feel good every day. I am low-key cult obsessive about her. She changed my life – watch her Wonderland sessions on Youtube, they’ll change yours.”


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A post shared by Soo Joo (@soojmooj) on

Soo Joo Park


Chosen by Rosemary Kim

Soo Joo is a Korean American model and DJ who has broken through barriers and crossed international events as no other Korean model has done before. She inspired and still does to this day to be unapologetically herself, embracing the features she was born with and walking with power, confidence and serving face in her everyday life!”

Find out more on why Soo Joo is one of our favourite style insiders here. 

Diane von Furstenberg


Chosen by Bhavana Bhim

“Diane is an amazing fashion designer and notorious for empowering women everywhere. Her feed is a constant source of happiness and encouragement.

“I have multiple posts from both Rupi Kaur and Diane saved on my personal account because they re-jig my mind when I need a moment of inspiration.”

Words: Terri Dunn
Photos: Instagram


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