Face the future: Finding it hard to keep up with all the innovations in beauty?

18 June 2015
By Fashion Quarterly


Sarah Murray checks out what’s new in beauty and finds four of the best new innovations:


If you’re looking for something that will strengthen, tone and lift your facial muscles – without the use of injectables or scalpels – then this could be the thing for you. The yoga facial is an intensive workout for your face.

We went to see Ashleigh Scott at her salon and for 30 minutes she pulled, stretched and lifted the skin in a series of repetitive fast-paced movements with very firm pressure.

The idea is to stimulate the skin and boost collagen and elastin. She then did some stretching and toning which is designed to lift and lengthen the face. “We’re trying to defy gravity,” she says. “Lift everything up and keep it all toned. There are a lot of repetitive moments and these train the muscle to stay that way.”

The facial also provides tension relief in the jawline and behind the eyebrows. “When you hold tension in your face it does get a very pinched look and that ages you a lot,” says Scott.

It’s this pinched look that sometimes propels women towards Botox. But Scott sees the yoga facial as a natural alternative. “I think people are veering away from facelifts and invasive treatments and are looking for other alternatives.” Scott recommends weekly yoga facials for six weeks, alongside homework. “It’s all about a constant stimulation. Then try some of the facial yoga movements at home.”

For crow’s feet and eyebrows, lift the brows up towards your forehead and pull your eyelids closed. For your neck and jowls, tilt your neck back, open your mouth and then pull your jaw forward and up.

Cost: $480 for six sessions or $95 for a one-off.


We all know brows have been the big beauty news this season and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. But what happens if your brows are thin and spindly? Sure, you can use a pencil or powder to fill them in and hope they resemble those of Miss Delevingne, but chances are you’ll still be lacking. That’s why we’re so excited about a new service at On Browhouse that offers an artistic solution to the age-old problem. 3D Brow Building (also known as brow extension) uses a technique much like lash extensions to give you bolder brows.

Building on the client’s natural shape they work to create fuller, thicker brows by applying natural-looking synthetic mink hair to both the existing hair and the surrounding skin. On Browhouse founder Nicky Shore says she wanted to bridge the gap between the classic brow shape and colour, and the permanence of brow tattooing. “We are obsessed with searching for the next big thing in brow solutions and overseas this is it,” she says.

So how exactly does it work? Individual brow-like hairs are colour-matched and attached with a specially designed adhesive to any existing brow hair to build volume. If you have barely-there brows, the synthetic hairs can also be attached to your skin, meaning your brows are instantly bulked up.

The brow extensions, which can last anywhere between seven and 14 days, are both water- and smudge-proof, but they do need to be looked after to keep them in good nick. Shore admits the trickiest part of the 45-minute process is “building the brow to make sure the resulting shape, definition and colour is the right one for the client”. However, she thinks it’s an exciting advancement for women who can now “bring to life their ideal brow” without any long-term commitment. We’re sold!

Cost: From $75, depending on the level of work.


By May you will be able to try makeup before you buy it with a new app from L’Oreal Paris. Aptly named Makeup Genius, the app acts like a makeup simulator or mirror and allows you to try every L’Oreal cosmetic product available.

This is not a mere photograph of your face with digitally applied makeup. Please, that is so last year. This app takes a scan of your face, which means you can see how it looks in real time when you’re doing all your pouts and poses. We think it’s going to be the go-to app for new trends – but also a  must-have when colour-matching foundation or checking if a lipstick shade suits you. Revolutionary!


There is something so satisfying about having shiny gel lacquer on your nails and you can be smug in the knowledge it will last for a while without chipping. The real trouble is removal and finding the time to nip back to your manicurist. Lotus New York One Step Pro Peel Off Gel Nail polish eliminates that problem because you can remove the gel polish yourself.

Gently lift from the corners of the nail bed with a cuticle pusher and peel the whole thing off. We love this – it’s quick, easy and removal is chemical-free.

Cost: $140.

Written by: Sarah Murray


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