Express yourself with Prada Paradoxe

7 December 2022
By Fashion Quarterly

Not too sweet, not too strong — this new scent by Prada hits all the right notes.

Prada Paradoxe is this season’s most sought-after perfume. Image supplied.

When it comes to our identity, two things can hold true at once: we can be gentle and graceful while remaining edgy and progressive, we can be extroverted social butterflies but still enjoy our solitude, and we can be ambitious in our pursuits yet completely content in the moment. It’s these dualities that guide our decisions and how we decide to show up in this world, informing the choices we make in terms of the clothing we wear, the skincare products we use, the businesses we support, the music we listen to. It’s both what unites us and makes us unique.

Few beauty decisions feel as personal as the fragrance we wear. You wouldn’t put yourself in a box, so it makes sense that your scent shouldn’t either. Enter this season’s most sought-after perfume: Prada Paradoxe. Celebrating all of your dimensions, this floral amber EDP embraces the paradoxes of iconic ingredients to reveal a new scent sensation. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about this all-encompassing creation.

It’s ever-evolving — just like you

Combining the freshness of summer fruit with the warmth and sensuality of vibrant vanilla and amber, Prada Paradoxe is a perfume that can effortlessly carry you through from day to night. Sweet, citrusy top notes of pear, tangerine and bergamot meld with a white bouquet of floral jasmine, orange blossom and neroli for a restorative feel, while rich base notes of bourbon vanilla and white musk add intensity. Not only is this fragrance complex, it’s also versatile, sophisticated, subtle and comforting, making it the ultimate extension of self. 

It comes in packaging that’s clever & chic

Turning traditional bottle proportions on their heads, Prada Paradoxe’s eye-catching and tactile triangular vessel is a nod to the silhouette of the fashion house’s logo, giving it an instant visual sense of luxury. Designed with thoughtful intent, the bottle and packaging are able to be recycled, and there’s a refill option available that allows you to further minimise waste. 

It’s built on sustainably sourced ingredients

Three of them, to be precise: Moroccan neroli oil, a vanilla infusion and Calabrian bergamot heart. This also marks the first time neroli bud extract has been used in a Prada fragrance, the addition bringing a fresh and purifying dimension to every drop. Other exclusive, trademarked ingredients include Ambrofix, a bio-converted amber that reveals a vibrant warmth, and Serenolide, a revolutionary new musk molecule that enables the fragrance to comfortably sit on your skin all day. With elegant, sweet citrus notes anchored by cosy vanilla and white musk, it’s easy to achieve a long-lasting scent with just a few spritzes.

Prada Paradoxe EDP is available in three sizes: 30ml $125, 50ml $209 and 90ml $272, plus the refill, 100ml $237.

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