Need a wellbeing boost? An expert guide to women’s natural supplements

20 November 2023
By Fashion Quarterly

Feel like you need a boost for your wellbeing? We profile the supplements that should be on your radar.

It’s no surprise in today’s fast-paced world that women struggle to meet their daily nutritional needs. Whether it’s due to diet, busy schedules or specific health concerns, we often need supplements to bridge the gap. However, navigating that world is easier said than done, so understanding the role of supplements is key. Essentially, supplements are meant to do what they say, they supplement and complement your current lifestyle. With the different stages of our lives, our bodies are constantly changing, as are our nutritional needs. A well-rounded supplement regimen can address these specific needs. But which ones are for you? The plethora of supplements on the market can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, Clinicians, a company created by two Kiwi pharmacists, has developed a range to specifically target women’s health and wellbeing. If you want to keep your body in balance, they have natural and effective products specifically formulated for women’s wellbeing, including support for hormone changes, iron absorption, healthy vaginal flora and more. Here we take a deeper look into them.

Clinicians Flora Restore

What it is: A unique oral probiotic to support vaginal and urinary tract health and a healthy flora balance. Formulated with two probiotic strains backed by over 25 years of research.

What it does: Works to support the balance of good and bad bacteria and yeasts in the vagina and bladder. It also supports a healthy vagina in preconception and menopause.

Clinicians Women’s Hormone Support

What it is: Healthy oestrogen-level support for women who experience heavy periods.

What it does: Alleviates discomfort and breast tenderness.

Clinicians Period Comfort

What it is: A natural formula to support pelvic muscle relaxation during menstruation.

What it does: The scientifically researched herbs work to support muscle relaxation in the uterine area. It also helps to reduce the duration and severity of discomfort.

Clinicians Bladder Support & Cranberry

What it is: Convenient sachets containing a combination of cranberry, D-mannose and vitamin C to support urinary-tract issues.

What it does: The ingredients work synergistically to support healthy bacteria levels in the bladder and the urinary tract. The addition of vitamin C provides further antioxidant support.

Photography: Supplied. 


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