Emily Ratajkowski dishes on style, activism and being the face of this season’s sexiest fragrance

25 February 2019
By Fashion Quarterly


Uninhibited, outspoken and, yes, jaw-droppingly gorgeous, Emily Ratajkowski signs on as the face of this season’s sexiest new fragrance.

But there’s more to Emily than meets the eye: the model and actress has a history of reminding the world not to make assumptions about women and their choices, and this approach also influenced her choice to partner with Paco Rabanne as the face of the new Pure XS For Her, which blends heady ylang-ylang, luscious vanilla, an intriguing popcorn note and a smooth sandalwood base to form the head-turning, ‘come closer’ scent of the season.

FQ: How did you end up with a career in modelling and acting?
Emily: I fell in love with theatre and through that got involved with acting which led me to modelling.

What do you enjoy most about working in your profession?
I love working with creative people.

What are the three Instagram accounts you follow religiously?
@thefatjewish, @kimkardashian, @daquan

What is your daily beauty routine?
I wash my face twice a day, I moisturize it and I drink lots of water, especially when I am travelling.

What do you do first when getting up?
Drink at least two cups of coffee.

Can you tell us about your exercise routine?
I do not exercise very often. Genetics and complexion are important and I am very lucky with mine! I go to the gym once or twice a week. It is more like a boost of energy for me actually.

Why did you choose to collaborate with Paco Rabanne?
I was thrilled when Paco Rabanne asked me to be the face of their new fragrance. I was already a fan of their perfumes, [Paco Rabanne creative director] Julien Dossena’s work, and the way the brand speaks to the world – bold, yet sexy. Paco Rabanne himself was ahead of his time, creating dresses that made women feel strong and liberated. A true visionary, he was a pioneer in supporting the women’s liberation movement in the ’60s and has always been next to strong muses with strong, modern personalities.

What comes to mind when you think of the Paco Rabanne woman?
I think about liberated, strong, fearless women: Françoise Hardy, Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin – all Paco muses of their time.

As a fashion fan, what do you think of Julien Dossena’s work?
I love it. It’s great how he pushed the boundaries of design while keeping the roots of the house so alive.

When did you start considering yourself an activist and standing up for what you believe in?
I was always a feminist, mostly due to the influence of my mother. I was political at a very early age, even before I could vote. Having conversations about ideas on how we live has always been a part of my life, but now I’m lucky enough to have a platform to have those same conversations on a broader scale.

“Confidence is everything to me. A woman who lives for herself is the feminist dream.”

Who are your feminist role models?
Patti Smith, Geena Davis and my mom.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
“Life should not be dictated by other people’s perceptions.”

What is your first fragrance memory?
The smell of the sea and eucalyptus.

When and where do you like to wear fragrances?
I use them at night mostly. During day time I prefer to use moisturizing lotions and not mix them with perfume.

What did you think when you first smelled Pure XS for her?
It reminds me of vacations and good times: it has something tropical, light and sunny that makes me think of memories of the sea and relaxing.

Today, Julien Dossena continues to share his vision of women: “My girls don’t need to be validated by men’s eyes. They are cool, independent, happy, and comfortable with their sexual life. This confidence makes them desirable.” Do you agree with him?
Confidence is everything to me. A woman who lives for herself is the feminist dream.

What do you think of Pure XS For Her?
There’s something very laid-back, easy and tasty about it. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, and the ylang-ylang [floral base] is really addictive. I really do think it is for everyone. It has something very universal that’s pure sexiness and light.

How was the shooting experience?
The campaign experience felt closer to shooting a film than a commercial and I loved being a part of the brand’s creative expansion into their first webseries on Instagram. Working with Johan (Renck), Nathaniel (Goldberg) and Ace (Norton) was a joy.

If I was a… I’d be…

Fragrance – Pure XS For Her
Flower – Peonies
City – Los Angeles
Holiday spot – The South of France
Colour – Yellow
Different woman – My mother
Fashion Week – NYC
Season – Summer
Book – Madame Butterfly
Quote – “My body, my rules”
Day – Thanksgiving
Sport – Surfing
Cardinal sin – Gluttony!

Paco Rabanne Pure XS For Her 80ml EDP, $190, is available now from Farmers.co.nz and all leading pharmacies.

Photos: Supplied

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