Create a beautiful table setting with Kayla Jurlina

Make a lasting impression with the decor at your next long lunch.

Produced in partnership with Cloudy Bay.
Kayla Jurlina.

Stylist Kayla Jurlina is the creative mastermind behind Cloudy Bay’s Wonderscape At Home, a luxurious long lunch experience brought to your home. 

Known for her signature flair, finessed for Wonderscape At Home, Jurlina aims to foster collaboration and connection through her creative pursuits. From carefully chosen menu and placecard details to florals that encourage ambience, Jurlina is truly an expert at bringing people together. 

As you look to gather your loved ones for an indulgent feast, read on for Jurlina’s top tips for curating an unforgettable table setting, and book your very own Wonderscape At Home experience at

1. Start with a base 

Tablecloths are a great starting point, like a blank canvas before painting. The tablecloth colour you choose sets the tone and overall feeling of the table design. White linen, dove grey and oatmeal are personal favourites and provide a soft base to build upon. From here, you can begin to choose your napkin and plate options. However, be sure to make one or the other the statement of the setting. 

2. Build character  

Don’t be afraid to move away from traditional fine china table settings and lean into a more organic approach. For example, you could add character to your tablescape by using mismatched plates and dishes. Mixing vintage with new is also a simple way to add depth. 

3. A personalised touch

Handwritten menus are the perfect personalised touch to elevate any hosting experience. Creating unique menus for each guest creates excitement for what’s to come and is a chance to showcase each of the courses you’ve so carefully designed.

4. Style seasonally 

Use fresh, seasonal produce as a styling element. I currently love adding walnuts, figs, pomegranates, and heirloom tomatoes for colour and warmth to a table. These elements honour nature and create a relaxed surrounding. 

5. Create a centrepiece

Use flowers to create the perfect centrepiece. Make an arrangement from the flowers or foliage in your backyard or from your local flower market down the road. 

There are two simple and effective ways to create a floral arrangement. The first is to select a range of four to five floral varieties. Bunch each variety together in their vessel. Dotted down the table, this creates a minimal look without overcrowding the space, allowing room for food and wine.  

The second method is ‘Ikebana’ — the Japanese art of flower arrangement. The word Ikebana translates to “giving life to flowers”. Gather a few stems of flowers and branches, and place the arrangement in a shallow vase to emphasise the form of the stems, creating a sculpture-like result.

6. Lean into your culture and heritage 

My Croatian culture heavily influences my styling. I love to express this through my work or when I’m hosting. You can honour your culture through various touchpoints on the table — I like to drape grapes (which are always eaten by the end of the night) across vases on the table or intertwine my Baba’s (grandmother’s) traditional tablecloths with a modern style setting. Whatever you do — make it feel like your own.

A beautiful way to recreate the now-sold-out Wonderscape long lunch experience by Cloudy Bay in the comfort of your home, Wonderscape At Home is an indulgent offering of the best of Cloudy Bay wines, fine food, impeccable decor, and so much more. 

Wonderscape At Home is curated by tastemaker friends of Cloudy Bay, including Wonderscape host and charismatic foodie Polly Markus, stylist Kayla Jurlina, musician Sandon Ihaia, and chef Hercules Noble. 

Discover Cloudy Bay’s three limited-edition Wonderscape At Home packages, which allow you to sip and savour the best of Cloudy Bay wines in the company of friends and family. Visit for more details. 


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