Common health insurance myths busted

5 September 2022
By Fashion Quarterly

If the thought of signing up for health insurance leaves you feeling perplexed, we’ve answered some common questions and concerns to make it all a whole lot easier.

Myth: I won’t be able to get coverage because I’ve already been diagnosed with endometriosis or another condition.

Many of us consider health insurance a safety net for those curveballs life can throw at us. But for those with already diagnosed conditions, the thought of seeking health insurance can be a little nerve-wracking. nib knows all too well that pre-existing conditions can often present a hurdle where health insurance is concerned. To put it simply, a pre-existing condition is any injury, illness, symptom, or diagnosis that happened prior to starting your health insurance policy.

Pre-existing health conditions shouldn’t be a barrier to getting health insurance, which is why nib chooses to cover many pre-existing conditions. Once you’ve been with nib on either Premium Hospital or Standard Hospital cover for three years, many pre-existing conditions are covered, allowing you to claim on them in line with your policy terms, just as you would with other new unexpected conditions. If you’re unsure whether your particular condition may be covered, or want to understand how you may be affected by a waiting period, talk to one of nib’s friendly insurance specialists today.

Myth: My preferred health specialist isn’t part of nib’s First Choice network, so I will need to choose a new specialist.

The nib First Choice network was created to help anyone who has a health insurance policy with nib access Aotearoa’s leading health partners who help to deliver the best value. To be part of the First Choice network, nib vets each healthcare provider to ensure that they charge fairly and are able to provide a hassle-free claim experience. nib knows that visiting a healthcare provider you trust and have good rapport with is important.

 While many of Aotearoa’s leading healthcare professionals are part of the network, having the choice to see who you want is important. When you sign up to a nib health insurance plan you can opt to see any specialist — if the specialist you choose isn’t in the First Choice network, nib will still cover eligible costs in line with your policy terms but you will need to pay any difference between the fair market price and their fees. Visit to find a specialist near you.

Myth: My life is already so busy! It’s too time-consuming to set up health insurance and make claims.

nib understands that your life is already hectic enough without having to worry about health insurance. With this in mind, nib aims to keep everything as hassle-free as possible. From their knowledgeable insurance specialists, who will talk you through coverage and any questions you might have, to a seamless claims process, nib makes signing up for insurance and claiming easy for you and your loved ones.

At the end of the day, health insurance should give you the confidence to live life to the fullest whilst resting assured that you have cover should the unexpected occur. And if you visit one of nib’s First Choice network providers, it can manage your claim with nib directly, letting you focus on your recovery.

Myth: I’m young and healthy enough! I don’t need health insurance, and besides isn’t that what our healthcare system is for?

Health insurance doesn’t replace Aotearoa’s comprehensive public healthcare system; instead, it is designed to complement it. Most of us believe that the unthinkable will never happen to us, but health insurance with nib can give you extra peace of mind when you need it the most. You can relax and live your daily life knowing that you’re covered should the unexpected occur, and it also could give you the flexibility to decide how, when, and where you receive treatment you require.

Myth: Health insurance is for emergencies and serious health conditions only.

Health insurance should never be about an ambulance-at-the- bottom-of-the-cliff approach. Fortunately, nib takes wellbeing seriously right from the get-go. In fact, nib is committed to helping its members live healthier, more fulfilling lives. To make this possible, nib offers a comprehensive range of Health Management Programmes that are free to eligible members. The programmes — which include Healthier Joints: Pain Management, Healthier Heart, and Cancer Care — take a proactive approach to managing health conditions and symptoms, which might reduce the need for invasive treatments.

Visit or phone 0800 123 642 to arrange a callback from one of their helpful insurance specialists. They’ll answer any concerns or questions you have and will make the sign-up process seamless and hassle-free. 


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