Closet confidentials: Inside the luxury wardrobe of Faradays’ head of brand Amelia Haysom

4 March 2024
By Fashion Quarterly

In this new column we talk to Amelia Haysom, head of brand PR and communications at luxe shopping destination, Faradays on what's in her wardrobe.

Alexandre Vauthier Oversize Blazer, Alaia Openwork Leather Belt, Vintage Levis
Amelia wears Alexandre Vauthier oversized blazer, Alaia openwork leather belt, vintage Levi's jeans. Image: Supplied.

Behind every closet door is a curated collection that’s rich with memories. Each garment tells a narrative and holds a unique memory. So with that in mind we wanted to uncover some of them from stylish women we know. In this new column we talk to Amelia Haysom, head of brand PR and communications at luxe shopping destination, Faradays. Ever stylish we want to know about the key pieces in her wardrobe, her process for choosing new items, and the most significant pieces she still owns.

Amelia on finding her style

My style is classic meets collected, with a touch of romance. I wouldn’t say my style screams a statement by any means as I think it is pretty understated, and has remained consistently me, regardless of the trends of the moment – but I feel much more at home with it now.I think working in fashion has made me feel more comfortable in my own personal style. Something that unites a lot of people in fashion is their capacity to be unapologetically themselves, sharing their point of view with their heart (or, I suppose, style) on their sleeve.

I’ve loved vintage since I can remember. I would occasionally wear things I had made myself with my (very patient) mother’s help, as I couldn’t find what I loved or could afford with my pocket money in stores. At first, I felt like there was possibly something wrong with me that I wasn’t a fan of ‘following the crowd’. But eventually, finding my feet in fashion made me realise that having a point of view was actually a strength, not a weakness.

I can’t go past a beautifully tailored blazer. I’m almost scared to admit that there are eleven in there. Some may say that’s an addiction! But having realised that it’s something I always feel good in, no matter what the day brings, I’ve built my collection slowly over the years. A mixture of work ‘uniform’ pieces and vintage pieces – a couple of which I’ve had since I was in my late teens, which I think makes the lapel count possibly not as bad.  I’ve amassed a weight and colourway for every season and occasion, from lightweight linen to mid weight cashmere and silk, to thick mohair and wool, lighter tones to darker tonesAnd I know that I will continue to wear them for decades.

I won’t lie, in the beginning it was very hard to work at Faradays, as you’d imagine it would be for any lover of design. I do think working first for a number of years for Dadelszen (the quiet, yet decadently beautiful luxury label by Faradays’ founders) helped me immensely as a training ground. It was there that I honed in on defining my personal style, recognising what I was consistently drawn to within palette etc. Learning from the best of the best in terms of understanding colour, cloth and construction taught me lessons that I carry today when making any kind of purchasing decision.

Vintage Cashmere Cardigan, Vintage Levis, Giuseppe Zanotti Boots, Celine Triomphe Bag, Vintage Earrings
Amelia wears a vintage cashmere cardigan, vintage Levi's, Giuseppe Zanotti boots, Celine 'Triomphe' bag, vintage earrings. Image: Supplied.

How Amelia organises the contents of her wardrobe:

A tool I use to curate my wardrobe now is my mood board theory. It initially started while at work. I was feeling overwhelmed by the incredible pieces surrounding me everyday (I understand this is a very good problem to have) – it was almost overstimulating.  I am usually very considered in my approach to wardrobe, but I became so engrossed in our designers and their Maison codes as I learned about them (as helping to impart their individual brand stories within the realm of Faradays is an important part of my job), that I made a couple of purchases that were, whilst truly beautiful and so special, ultimately not ‘me’. Not only did that make them less than smart investments but it also made me sad that these special pieces didn’t go to the right people who would adore and wear them with pride!

Off the back of this, I created a file on my laptop.  I copied and pasted images on one page of all of the pieces I could find that I currently had in my closet. I then created a second page, to house pieces that I coveted on my wishlist – both things that were in store and which I knew were coming up in future buys. Finally, I added some visual references that I felt accurately depicted my personal style and inspirations which would be easy to refer back to. It became a little like a central home for those daily Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok saves – a mixture of reminders on ways to style my existing closet, and things I’d eventually love to add long term. Whenever something new arrived in store that sparked joy, or, say, I found myself inspired by another woman’s outfit – be that in-person, in a magazine or on social media – I would put it straight on my mood board. The document now has a page dedicate to three of the main occasions for dressing – work, off-duty, and after-dark, and I use it as my North Star.

How Amelia determines her signature style

Whenever I feel the ‘fashion fever’ that can come with a spur of inspiration, I go back to the mood board and re-centre. Usually then, the answer is pretty black and white. And if it’s looking like the item will tick a lot boxes for me, great. Half of the time or more, I will no longer want it. But when I do – I really know, I feel good about my decision, and I am less likely to experience buyer’s remorse.

A signature item in my wardrobe would be a waist belt – instant line, instant posture improvement, apply in five seconds and you’re done. Pair with a blazer, jeans and ballet flats for a casual day, or dress it up with some tailored trousers and a heel for evening, or if a workday schedule commands added polish. Layer a crewneck under your jacket when more modesty is required, and after dark, take the tee off – day-to-night, done. I am all about maximum impact with minimal effort. 

I think people are surprised when I say I’m actually a very lazy dresser. I want to look and feel the best I can with as little stress as possible, and again, that comes down to having a well-edited wardrobe. Dressing for yourself every day should be a joy, not a chore, and it absolutely can be a joy when you’ve intentionally curated pieces that make you feel truly great in hanging in your closet. To me, the effort is best spent in the original deciding of what to add to your closet, not the morning of getting dressed.

Lessons in styling and caring for your most cherished pieces

Jewels are the most significant pieces for me in my wardrobe. Aside from the occasional vintage earring, cuff or necklace, I am a serial repeater when it comes to my jewels and stick to my classic pieces that hold meaning, which have slowly been collected over time. My go-to earrings are a pair of pearl studs that were originally given to my mother on her 21st birthday, from my grandmother – her then mother-in-law-to-be (as mum was still just dating my dad at the time).  Fashion wise,  I suppose one would have to be my Alaïa Rose-Marie bag – I bought this for myself when I sold my apartment last year – a 110-year-old heritage beauty in the CBD which I called my little piece of Paris, and my first ever purchased home. Now, every time I wear that bag, I fondly think back to that chapter of my life and the growth that I experienced.

Among many other lessons, mum instilled in me to always dress for yourself and your body shape. Good clothing should let you wear it, not the other way around – and always pay attention to the fabric. Thinking about that background, the designers I now naturally gravitate towards are those which focus on sculpture and silhouette, balancing femininity and masculinity, form and function. And at their heart, they hero creativity, quality and incredible craftsmanship. 

Excluding vintage pieces thanks to their age, something that has been in my wardrobe for the longest would have to be a pair of early 2000s chocolate brown Ralph Lauren riding boots. I’ve worn them to death and still haven’t had to have them re-soled once. They are so beautifully made. The newest is my Loewe Flamenco clutch bag. I love its versatility – perfect for everyday wear as a slouchy clutch or shoulder bag with its removable leather strap, with a gold Donut Chain for the evening, and for off-duty, worn crossbody with an Anagram Canvas Strap. It is such an effortless silhouette that Loewe has re-issued every season since its creation in the 1970s, and a very underrated bag in my opinion.

Words: Sarah Murray
Photos: Supplied

This article originally appeared in Fashion Quarterly’s Autumn 2024 issue. 


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