Girl you need to know: CHRONICLES OF HER blogger Carmen Hamilton

3 April 2017
By Fashion Quarterly

Chronicles of Carmen

Carmen Hamilton, the Australian digital guru behind the fashion blog CHRONICLES OF HER was in Auckland this week for Heart of the City’s 4 Days of Fashion in the City. Miss FQ caught up with her for a few moments in between fashion events to get the low down on what it takes to make it as a super star style blogger.

Miss FQ: What’s your story?

Carmen: I was born in Queensland, Australia and went to uni on the Gold Coast. I did a double degree in Business (Marketing) and Arts (Journalism). I started my blog while I was studying and then made the move to Sydney after I graduated.

What did you do career-wise in between uni and launching CHRONICLES OF HER?

The blog was a bit of a sideline project (or welcomed distraction?) while I was studying. The first few years of my degree didn’t allow for much creativity so I wanted another outlet. It was also a way for me to learn new things (photography, Photoshop etc.) and hone my writing skills before my move to Sydney.

My mum took my photos in the beginning and then it started to gain momentum organically.

I took a job at a fashion tech start up in Sydney and moved to Bondi. I’d been there for one month when I landed a three month contract at a fashion magazine doing data entry. It wasn’t the most exciting role, but it was a foot in the door. Then I worked my butt off and they kept me on.

I continued my blog on the side (I used to shoot on weekends and stay up until the early hours of the morning working on it after a day at the office) and it continued to grow. I eventually reached a point where I couldn’t keep up with it anymore, so I left my full time job and decided to focus on my site.


Tell me about your ‘aha’ moment when you decided to create and launch CHRONICLES OF HER…

When I first launched my personal blog back in 2011 – I just did it. I never thought it would end up being my career.

A few years into it, I realised there was room for something bigger.

I ‘m always inspired by the style of women I meet, and I want to know all about them – what they put on when they roll out of bed in the morning, how they choose their outfit, where they shop etc. – and I wanted to create a place for that to live online, where women could come and be inspired by others and discover new brands, places to shop and styling tips.

I relaunched the site in September last year with a section called STREET 365 which profiles women around the world in a very authentic way. We’ve featured all kinds of women from bakers, nail artists and illustrators, to students, editors, dancers, and interns.

What was the turning point for CHRONICLES OF HER, when you knew it was successful?

To be honest, there’s never been an exact moment of realisation. It’s been a gradual thing, and I’m not sure it will ever end. I’m constantly evolving it and growing it – there’s always room for improvement!

But getting to attend shows like Gucci and Chanel in Milan and Paris makes you feel like you’re definitely doing something right. I always feel extremely lucky in those moments.

When in Paree 🇫🇷

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What was it like taking the leap from working for The File to blogging fulltime? How did you know the time was right?

It eventually reached a point where I couldn’t juggle anymore – something had to give – and because I was working for someone else I always prioritised that, which meant my own projects were suffering.

What has been your greatest ‘pinch me’ moment in your career so far?

Sitting at the Gucci show, with A$AP Rocky and Florence Welch right in front of me…. and Anna Wintour just to the right!

Catch me outside.

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Where are you hoping to take CHRONICLES OF HER in 2017 and beyond?

When blogging first became a ‘thing’, it caused a real shake-up in the industry. Things are moving so quickly and it’s now such a saturated space, so I sense another shift coming on soon and I want CHRONICLES OF HER to be at the forefront.

There’s a key group of amazingly successful fashion bloggers, like yourself, who launched at the right time and are killing it now. So many girls look up to you! Below that, the bloggersphere appears to be a saturated market. What are your thoughts on the opinion that it’s too late to start a blog now?

It’s never too late for anything! If you’re passionate about something, just do it. If you love it, it wont feel like work. Don’t go into it thinking you’re going to blow up overnight – the chances of that have always been slim. Figure out what you’re about, and what unique content offering you can bring to the space. Don’t replicate things others are doing. Carve your own path and you’ll eventually find people who share (or at least appreciate) your creative vision.

Who is your mentor or career inspiration and why?

My sister is my mentor – she’s a lawyer but she’s always been super intelligent and practical. My mind runs at 10000 miles per hour which means I find it really hard to stay organised. She helps me with the business side of things and I learn a lot from her!

I guess career wise I look up to people like Emily Weiss and Leandra Medine who are doing things their own way and bringing a very honest, raw and refreshing approach to the fashion and beauty industries. I’m also really impressed by how they’ve managed to extend their digital presence into tangible products with such success. I hope to do this one day!

Photos: Chronicles of Her & Instagram

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