Postpartum hair loss and the power of scalp health with Chloe Zara

14 June 2023
By Fashion Quarterly

Chloe Zara gets real with FQ on motherhood, postpartum hair loss, and how we can nourish and protect our hair through change.

Chloe Zara
Chloe Zara Munro. Photo: Supplied. 

We all wish for better hair days but as women we’re often subject to dissuading factors such as stress and hormonal changes which, when coupled with the change of season, can render our scalps sensitised and in need of some extra care. 

For Chloe Zara Munro, hairstylist and founder of Chloe Zara Hair, scalp issues were common among her salon clients. With few options beyond a trip to the GP to remedy, Munro decided to take a closer look at how we can nourish our scalps and ultimately our hair from the comfort of our own homes. With our scalps being four times more absorbent than the skin on our body, Munro worked with cosmetic chemists to source clean, natural, bio-led ingredients commonly found in skincare to form the basis of her latest product: the Chloe Zara Scalp Facial Kit

We check in with the mother-of-two on balancing work with parenting, discuss the frustrations of postpartum hair loss, and unpack helpful tips on taking care of our hair – especially through life’s changes. 

CZH Silk Hair Balm
CZH Hair Perfume Oil

Q&A with Chloe Zara

Congratulations on your newest family member. Can you please tell us a little bit more about your family and how motherhood has shaped your life? 

Thank you, our little Otto is three months now. My husband (and business partner ) Scott and I also have a three year old, Albie, so the age gap between both the boys is so lovely. Becoming a mother for the second time has been incredible, I am absolutely loving it, even though some days can be challenging and very exhausting. Motherhood has taught me to slow down at times and appreciate how little my children are, and how quickly the time goes. It really is a time in life to take it all in and enjoy all the precious little moments.

How do you balance your career with the demands of being a mother? Are there any particular strategies or support systems that have helped you find balance between your personal and professional life? 

At the moment it is more of a constant juggle than a balance while Otto is so young, which means at the moment there are no off days for the business. I have to to take any opportunity big or small and work on what I can. When it comes to support, I feel so lucky to have my husband as my biggest support person because we juggle the workload and the children together.

Navigating motherhood with a toddler and a newborn can be quite challenging. Could you share some strategies or tips that have helped you manage your time and responsibilities effectively? 

It sure is a challenge – I actually think the three year age gap is so good for us as a family. Albie is in pre-school four days a week which he absolutely adores, then Friday is our day together. We always look forward to Fridays and choose an activity to do. Having that structure and routine is so important for all of us.

CZH Scalp Facial Kit
Using the hair creme and hair oil, Chloe has developed an in-home ‘scalp facial’ to slough away product build-up, dead skin and increase blood circulation to stimulate hair follicle health and growth.
CZH Scalp Facial Kit routine

Let’s chat about your new product launch: the scalp facial. What inspired you to address scalp health and provide this regime for your customers? 

Scalp health is something I feel very passionate about. When working in the salon with clients I would often see scalp issues arise, and at the time it really only seemed like the only way to address that issue was to go to the pharmacy or GP. Researching more into scalp health I discovered it is highly absorbent and actually four times more absorbent than the skin on on our body so when formulating Chloe Zara Hair (CZH) I worked closely with our cosmetic chemist to source clean, natural, bio-led ingredients commonly found in skincare. The ingredients we have used across the range each serve a purpose to rejuvenate and restore the scalp and hair.

I created the Chloe Zara Scalp Facial with two of our core products, the Silk Hair Balm and Hair & Body Perfume Oil. The ingredients used in these two products have incredible soothing and restorative benefits to the scalp and if you have a healthy scalp, this promotes healthy, strong, glossy hair growth.

What are some of the signs that indicate that your scalp could need a little help?  

The scalp is often neglected and therefore product can build up and irritate the scalp. Often certain ingredients used in hair care can affect the scalp. Stress, hormones and even the change of season can all be a cause of an irritated scalp. The Scalp Facial is a gentle yet highly affective way to exfoliate, restore and condition the scalp. This reduces inflammation and helps to remove dry, itchy flakes.

CZH Glorifying Hair Mist
CZH Scalp Facial Kit, Wide Tooth Comb

Postpartum hair loss – or changes to women’s hair texture  – is a sensitive topic for many new mothers. Could you share your personal experience with postpartum hair challenges and how you overcame them? 

This is a huge issue for so many women, and as I enter three months of postpartum I have just started to notice a lot of extra hair fall, I know this will only increase over the coming months. I also know not to stress it. While it can be frustrating and hard to manage at times, I know it is a time to be gentle and increase my treatments to give my scalp extra nourishment to support the new hair growth to come.

Do you have any helpful tips on how women can manage their thinning hair and embrace regrowth? 

Be gentle on your hair, use the Chloe Zara Everyday wide tooth comb to detangle any knots and loose hair. When washing your hair, put some extra time into scalp massage to help promote blood circulation for new hair growth and when you do see your new hair growth coming through, as frustrating as it can be, try not to flatten it down with heavy products. I launched the Chloe Zara Hair Crème a year after having my first baby, as I needed a lightweight smoothing product. It is incredible to smooth flyways and new hair growth.

Are there any styling techniques women should avoid to improve their scalp health?

Be mindful when using dry shampoo, I know this is a go-to product for so many mothers. Because it is a product sprayed directly on the scalp it can often create a build up and block the hair follicle. Make sure to double cleanse with shampoo when washing your hair to ensure all product is removed from the scalp.

What are some low-maintenance hairstyles you can recommend for mothers who are experiencing postpartum hair changes? 

A chic and effortless style is a low bun or pony as it keeps hair off your face but also looks polished. Again, try using the Chloe Zara Hair Crème to add smoothness and shine. I have recently cut my long hair off to a short bob and absolute love it – very low maintenance and felt incredibly refreshing to have done.


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