Bumble now lets you filter users by star sign which means fussy dating just got easier

14 February 2019
By Fashion Quarterly

Now, we might be a tad slow on the uptake of Bumble’s latest feature, but that doesn’t detract from the highly impactful *cough, life-changing* filter that is dating by star sign.

That’s right, our arguably favourite dating app has taken cues from the Universe by enabling its users to select or remove certain star signs from their dating pool.

The days of waiting three weeks – or even three months – to bring up the all-too-telling matter of one’s birthday, and thus star sign, which could signal ill-fated love or fierce compatibility, are behind us. No one wants to waste time with an Aquarius or a Gemini when they know full well it spells T-r-o-u-b-l-e with a capital T. (Leos, you know what we’re talking about).


So what’s in a star sign, anyway?
We wouldn’t be doing anyone any favours by merely spelling out the pros of this new filter without identifying the risks, right? So to tick that box off, full disclaimer: just because someone has an astrological proclivity to possess certain traits, behaviours or reputations, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re instantly a less or more desirable person. Star signs are not prescriptive judgements. And, in a roundabout way, can be quite shrewd or low-key discriminatory (zodiac shaming is a real thing, look it up). So, if you’re keen on disabling a handful of zodiac signs, do so knowing full well that you could be closing doors to someone that may be kind of great for you.

Sweet, so now that’s off our chest, let’s crack on with how this new Bumble feature can go oh-so-right ‘cause we’re all about that big positive energy.


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Who’s a fan of filtering by signs for their matches? (via @overheardbumble)

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Here’s what you need to know about Bumble’s Zodiac Feature:

Before fully launching the feature, Bumble tested it with users, receiving an “overwhelmingly positive response,” Chief Brand Officer Alex Williamson told Mashable.

It’s “another way for users to connect over their various interests,” Williamson said, adding that the feature was popular among Gen-Z, millennial, and older users alike.

Here’s what Twitter had to say about it:

Dating apps are on the rise. Astro awareness is on the rise. Could a society of destined matches be next?

Words: Terri Dunn
Photos: Getty Images, Twitter, Instagram


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