Which hair styling tool is right for me? Our expert guide is here to help

29 July 2019
By Fashion Quarterly

Creating the ultimate curl

Which hair styling tool for which curl?

If you’ve mastered the art of curling your hair with a hot tool, first of all, no need to brag. Second of all, we actually take that back because no doubt you’ve been roped into curling half your squad’s hair before a night out for what feels like an eternity (shout out too to the girl that does everyone’s smoky-eye – you the real MVP).

Here’s the thing though, expert curlers. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and… you get it. Want to teach your friends to fish and reclaim some of that getting-ready time for yourself? Get your finger on that share button. And non-expert curlers – read on! Because hair editor Phoebe Watt has asked Silver Bullet style director Damian Jones to break down the best tools, tips and tricks for every curl and hair type, and we have faith in you. You got this!

Best tool for curling thick, wavy hair:

Damian says: “When the hair is thick or dense, you need to use greater tension and your styling tools need a higher heat. The Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Titanium Wide Plate Straightening Iron is a perfect tool for this.”

Best tool for curling fine, straight hair:

Damian says:Silver Bullet’s Infrared Series of straighteners and curling irons provide heat to the hair from the inside out, resulting in less damage, retained moisture and a longer lasting curl. Use yours on a lower heat and spray hair lightly with TIGI Custom Create™ Heat Protection Spray for extra protection.”

Most gentle tool for curling damaged hair:

Damian says: “Firstly, always lower the heat on your styling tool to protect the hair, and use a thermal protecting spray. Then try the Silver Bullet Conical Curling Iron 32mm, which gently wraps the hair around a barrel instead of encasing it between heated plates.  Another gentle alternative to use would be heated rollers, like the BaBylissPRO Hot Roller Set.”

Easiest to curling tool to use, for rookies:

Damian says: “The Silver Bullet Titanium Curling Iron is rookie proof! With its round shape and built-in clasp, it holds the hair while you simply turn and wind up. Choose from up to four-barrel widths to suit your desired curl or wave.”

More of a learning curve, but worth the effort:

Damian says: “The humble straightening iron! The Silver Bullet Titanium 230 Supernova Straightener is so versatile, able to create a multitude of different curl types.”

Best tool and technique for creating a defined, polished curl:

Damian says: “Nothing beats the classic curling tong for a defined, classic curl. Size is important for this so use the Silver Bullet Gold Ceramic Curling Iron 32mm size, and curl hair in 2cm sections.”

Best tool and technique for creating textured, beachy waves:

Damian says: “Using a BaBylissPRO Ceramic Triple Barrel Curling Iron, take small sections from the mid-lengths downwards and crimp, let cool, then use a Wet Brush Moroccan Wet Comb and gently rake down through the hair to achieve the ultimate mermaid hair. Finish with R+CO Rockaway Salt Spray.”


The deal with hot brushes:

Damian says: “These are incredibly handy and easy to use for ready-to-wear smoothing with practically minimum effort… just brush through and go! And with its handy two-way directional control, the BaByliss Pro Rotating Hot Air Brush makes curling hair especially quick and easy.”

How to prep fine, straight hair for a curl:

Damian says: “Start with a body building product like Affinage Professional Thermal Protectant, which is a lightweight thermal protector. Or, for a little more oomph, Fanola Thermo Force Spray with its medium level of hold will help your fine style from collapsing. Just lightly spray either of these all over.”

How to prep thick, wavy hair for a curl:

Damian says: “Because coarse hair can often look dry and dull, moisture and shine is needed from a product like BaBylissPRO Spray Treatment – key to creating a soft, polished look.”

How to set curls for a polished look:

Damian says: “Setting any curl comes down to leaving the hair to cool once you curl it. When your hair is warm, it’s malleable; once it’s cold, the curl is fixed and will retain its shape. So curl, gently release, and then don’t touch until it’s cold! Brush through to separate and soften, and then perfect your look with an anti-humidity spray like Fanola Eco Spray.”

How to set curls for a textured look:

Damian says: “The setting principle is the same as for polished – don’t touch until it’s cold. A tousled, textured finish can then be achieved with R+CO Grid Structural Hold Setting Spray or TIGI Custom Create™ Texturizing Salt Spray.”

Favourite celebrity curl to copy:

Damian says: “Hayley Baldwin’s wavy lob! To create this look, start by applying Affinage Contour Cream to define curls and eliminate frizz, and blow dry with the Parlux Advance Light Hairdryer. Then, twist sections of hair around the barrel of the Silver Bullet Genesis Hot Air Brush, which will create waves while smoothing and adding volume. To finish, lightly run through a little 12Reasons Argan Oil Hair Serum and set your look with Affinage Professional Finishing Spray.”


Shop from left to right: Affinage Contour Cream, Parlux Advance Light Hairdryer, Silver Bullet Genesis Hot Air Brush, 12Reasons Argan Oil Hair Serum and Affinage Professional Finishing Spray, all from StyleHQ.co.nz

This article is brought to you by StyleHQ.co.nz.

Words: Phoebe Watt
Photos: Getty Images, Bauer Syndication, Supplied


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