Behind the seams with Evie Kemp

13 June 2022
By Fashion Quarterly

In a seven-part photographic series we ask our favourite trendsetters how fashion makes them feel.

Evie Kemp. Photography: Holly Sarah Burgess.

This week we talk to artist and textile designer Evie Kemp and ask her about her style, wardrobe staples, her preferred way to shop, and how what she wears alters her mood. 

How would you describe your personal style? 

My personal style is maximalist, theatrical and colourful. I’m an absolute magpie for great prints, bright colours and some sequins and metallics. I buy a lot of my clothes second hand and always look for quality and great structure. 

What are your go-to outfit staples?

Palazzo pants are my go to, along with a good pussy bow and a beautiful jacket. I have a rainbow of ankle boots that I’m forever expanding. I love dressing monochromatically so having something in every colour has become a bit of an obsession for me. 

How or in what ways has your style evolved over time?

I feel like I just get more and more confident with my own style, and stronger in how I express myself with fashion. This in turn makes me kinder on myself and I no longer dress my body to hide, fit in, or to ‘flatter’. I’m enough as I am and I deserve to enjoy fashion just as much as anyone else. The more I choose to stand out the more I feel like it.


Do you think fashion has the ability to alter your mood? 

Fashion can always change my mood, and turn a very average day into a great one. Colourful clothes energise me when I’m feeling flat. Great fitting and structured clothes make me walk taller and feel more confident.  Sometimes I almost act as my own muse and dress to inspire me in the work I need to do.

What is your preferred way to shop?

I love to shop in all the ways, but in-person is always best if I can. I love a good vintage trawl, or second hand designer — Encore and Scotties Recycle in Ponsonby are my favourites. I really enjoy a visit to Ruby in Newmarket who continue to extend their sizes and have these pieces in store, it’s a beautiful and fun experience. 

Can you tell me about one of your all time favourite outfits that you’ve ever worn? 

It’s actually hard to pick a favourite outfit because I always feel like I’m pushing myself with it and I love it. I recently put together an outfit that was marigold yellow from top to toe — wide leg pants, matching cropped top, full length sheer yellow trench, and yellow ankle boots. I felt like sunshine. Honestly I probably would have chickened out about wearing that all together even just a year ago, which is why it’s my favourite! 

What about one of your first memories of a good outfit?

When I was about 10 my mum took me to choose whatever I liked at H&M (this was in the UK, I’m not that young!). I chose lime green jeans, a ribbed, orange sleeveless turtleneck, and an orange and green transparent mesh cropped cardigan. I thought it was the coolest thing ever, and I’d probably wear that now. It was a big deal to go shopping for something new, just me and my Mum and it made me feel so grown up. I can still remember the thrill and pride of it all.


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What is it about your fashion or what you choose to wear that excites you?

Art and design is my entire life, so fashion, to me, is just an extension of that. I feel that fashion allows me to be the most ‘me’ I can be, and to explore the ideas, and history that informs it. Mixing and matching beautiful things – whether it be in a room, on a canvas, or on my own body is just my jam, and I’m always excited to see what might be next!

How would you say fashion makes you feel?

Fashion thrills me, and it can change my entire day. I don’t always get dressed up but when I do my day is always better. I love to wear pieces that spark conversations — fashion is such a beautiful way to create little moments of connection throughout your day. The hunt for beautiful clothes is one of my most favourite things, and starting the day by styling a new (to me) piece brings creativity to everything I do – it kind of gets my brain in the zone for work.

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