Find out what’s in store for August with your monthly horoscope

1 August 2018
By Fashion Quarterly

Check out what’s going on for your star sign this month.

Check out what’s going on for your star sign in August, from Miss FQ’s spiritual writer One Grounded Angel.

March 21-April 19
Emoji: Frustrated face


Your life RN is more stressful than the finale of The Handmaid’s Tale, and it’s not going to calm down anytime soon (soz). You’re going to have to find a way to deal… before you COMPLETELY LOSE YOUR S**T. Check in with yourself: are the things you’re worried about legit concerns? Or are you just channelling Nina from Offspring (i.e. being totally neurotic)?

If love is one of your sources of stress, that’ll settle down from August 6 onwards (phew!), as Venus, planet of love, waltzes into your house of relationships, leaving you with total clarity about whether your romance is The Real Deal. And FYI singles: this is a fine time to meet someone fine…

If you feel like you’re basically zorbing 24/7 Rotorua styles – you know, getting chucked from one place to the next with zero direction – Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is here to help. Sitting in the eighth house, the zone of spirituality, Jupiter is pushing you to look at how you can take charge of your life by using spiritual concepts such as the law of attraction and affirmations to get what you want. And since getting what you want is totally Aries’ jam, maybe get your manifesting game on.

April 20-May 20
Emoji: Angry lady


You’ve got 99 problems and, yeah, a girl could be one of them. The August 11 new moon/solar eclipse combo falls in your fourth house of females, meaning clashes with your mother, sister, BFF, girlfriend, wife or ladyboss are all possible. And since that fourth house is also the zone of feelings, expect the emotions to be layered on like Marmite should be (very thickly). Try not to overreact, and do your best to avoid any drama going on around you – the last thing you need RN is for other people’s problems to become your problems.

If you’re looking for major breakthroughs, August so isn’t your month. But if you keep plugging away at your goals you’ll continue to make steady progress, so keep your eyes on the prize. Around August 27, Mars, planet of action, comes out of retrograde so it’ll be much easier to get what rugby commentators would call ‘go-forward ball’ from then on – in other words, serious momentum in werk goals. In the relationship arena, August 7 is a great day for making long-term plans with bae thanks to a hook-up between Venus, planet of love, and Mars, planet of action. Since Mars is also the planet of sex, if you’re single, you could feel some serious chemistry with someone #sexytimes.

May 21-June 21
Emoji: Microphone


Got something to say? Well, obvs – you’re a Gemini! This month the planets are breathing some fresh air into your sign, giving you new energy and direction (phew! – nothin’ worse than a bored Gemini). A super-powerful new moon/solar eclipse sitch hits your third house, zone of communication, ideas and local networks, on August 11. You could use your mad communication skills to meet new peeps who are totally on your level, to make changes in your ‘hood or be a RL influencer in your squad. You could become an ideas generator #impressyourboss. You could even find yourself helping mentor, coach or counsel someone… oooh, look at you being all grown-up!

How’s that hot body of yours? With Jupiter, planet of expansion, in the sixth house, zone of wellness and nature, your body is begging for some exercise, so make sure that walking to the fridge isn’t the only movement you’re doing on the reg. Yep, it’s cold outside, but if you can suck it up, being in nature will be for your body what a grease and oil change is for your car (whatever that is). Hiking, kayaking or even having wine and cheese in the park (hey, it still counts!) might kick you out of an emotional rut.

June 22-July 22
Emoji: Two pink hearts


Who’s afraid of the big bad Cupid? Cancers with tissues and issues when it comes to love stuff will be under pressure this month, with Saturn, planet of adulting, in your seventh house of relationships. If your heart is more guarded than the Kardashian family’s surgery records, you might need to drop your barriers. This energy goes next level around August 7, when Venus, planet of love, and Mars, planet of intimacy, make sweet, sweet music together. The result: you’re softer than post-salon hair. If you and bae are fighters not lovers ATM, this planetary alignment will sort it out, one way or another. Otherwise, you may end up challenging Gigi and Zayn for the title of most on-again/off-again couple.

Expect drama llamas at work around August 2. Mars, planet of action, is doing fisticuffs with Uranus, planet of rebellion, meaning someone hungry for power (read: a possible case of Short Man Syndrome in the office) could stir up trouble… make sure it’s not you causing the ‘mares. Your payday comes on August 11, when the new moon/partial solar eclipse hits your second house, zone of money and work. It’s a good day to chase a pay rise, promotion or jump ship.

July 23-August 22
Emoji: Beating heart


August is all about romance, and you’re so here for it! Hey, you *are* the most romantic sign of the zodiac. (*swoon*) Around August 7, Venus, planet of love, and Mars, planet of action and intimacy, rendezvous, meaning you could spark up a serious love connection with a stranger (oooh!). And from August 19, a rare astro event occurs which will push you to really open up to bae (or a potential bae) – Jupiter, planet of expansion, links arms with Neptune, the sensitive planet, helping you shed some of those protective layers that may be stopping you from fully opening your heart. But please, try not to publicly broadcast *all* your romantic feels, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson styles (gross).

The power of Leo gets turned up to 11 on, um, August 11. That’s when the new moon in Leo coincides with a partial solar eclipse, making it more powerful than that dodgy concentrated Red Bull you picked up in Thailand last year. Take some time to rewrite the script for your life, focusing on who you want to become over the next six months. Some Leos will feel called to volunteer work or community projects that make their heart swell larger than the returns queue at The Warehouse on Boxing Day.

August 23-September 22
Emoji: Ghost


You cleanse your face religiously each night – hey, Virgos love routines as much as Ed Sheeran loves a tattoo – but this month is all about cleansing your energy. Around August 11 a partial solar eclipse in your 12th house of closure is going to prompt you to close some doors for good. It could be walking away from a new relationship that once had so much potential but is totally going nowhere. Maybe you’ll ditch a job that is sucking the life out of you. And if you’re not closing doors, they could be slammed shut in your face by the Universe – maybe, in the form of redundancies, ghostings, or eviction notices. It might not be what you wanted but it will be for your greatest good in the long run.

Around August 19, a super rare connection between Jupiter, planet of expansion, and Neptune, planet of closure and compassion, allows you and bae (or, if you’re single, someone you’re really into) to become closer than ever – think: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend closeness. Your best tool? Your ears. Be willing to listen, really listen, to what bae is saying, and what they’re not saying (ie read between the lines), which could lead to important discoveries.

September 23-October 23
Emoji: Flexed arm


If you look up the word ‘procrastinator’ in the dictionary, you’ll probably find a pic of yourself staring back (and totally looking cute – if anyone can nail a good selfie, it’s Libra). Unforch, the planets are turning up the heat this month – Saturn, the planet of adulting (*yawn*) is facing off with the Sun, which is all about backing yourself. The result: fierce pressure to make decisions you’ve been putting off, or to deal with difficult sitches that are about as appealing as cleaning out the staff fridge (ugh). You probably already know what this relates to – if not, your gut will soon tell you. Libra, it’s all on you to step up and deal. Remember, your mindset is everything – if you expect the worst, your motivation will disappear faster than potato chips at a party.

Soo not helping matters is the fact that Mars, planet of motivation, is going backwards through your fourth house, the zone of home, family and feelings, up until August 27 – hello, emotional rollercoaster! Your emotions might be up and down like your bank balance, but thankfully, it’ll get easier at the end of the month. Kia kaha!

October 24-November 21

Emoji: Chains


Baby baby, I’m in chains. If that’s your theme song ATM, the planets want you to break free. Uranus, the planet of revolution (woo!), is in your seventh house, the zone of relationships, so if you’re feeling suffocated or trapped in any relationship, romantic or otherwise, that is going to feel as uncomfortable as the scratchy winter skivvy your mum made you wear as a kid. You don’t have to dump bae if you don’t want to – it may just be about creating a little space to do your own thing (in a non-cheating way, that is). If professional relationships are binding you – e.g. unfair contracts or arrangements that just aren’t working any more – you’ll feel compelled to break out. Ditto any friendships that feel like an obligation – if it’s a one-way street (in the other person’s favour), drive on out of there.

August is about not trying to force something to work when it’s as broken as America’s political system. A hook-up between Venus, planet of harmony, and action planet Mars around August 7 will help you assert yourself without being a total control freak (which is pretty much your standard MO, let’s be honest…).

November 22-December 21

Emoji: Happy face


Feeling restless? This month gives Sags thirsty for expansion an opportunity to glow up. An August 11 partial eclipse in your house of learning could see you doing webinars, courses or classes that’ll cure your ‘meh’ state of mind. It’s all about hidden talents… if you follow your gut instinct, you could end up discovering you’re pretty damn good at something you thought you had NFI about. Slay!

If you’re still filthy at someone for something they said or did back in the day, the planets are gently prompting you to let it go. Around August 26, a Pisces (planet of compassion) full moon in your fourth house of feelings and women could see you reach a tipping point in a feud or spat – especially anything involving a mum, female boss, girlfriend or sister.

That classic Sagittarian optimism is totally working for you, but you’ll wanna make sure it doesn’t lead you into gullibility territory around August 10. Mercury, planet of messages, is cat-fighting with Jupiter, planet of idealism, meaning you might buy into someone’s bullshit. Beware of catfishing, online scams, PR spin, fake news and just everyday liars. Eyes wide open, Sag!

December 22-January 19

Emoji: Nail polish


If ‘work work work work work’ is pretty much your Insta bio, the Universe has an important message for you: time for some self-care, stat! This month is all about rewarding yourself, so resist the urge to sacrifice looking after numero uno in favour of more hours at the office or an ever-long list of life admin. Saturn (your ruling planet), which governs responsibility, is in your first house, the zone of self and appearances. Go book that long-overdue roots touch-up at the hair salon or the deep-tissue massage your muscles are crying out for – tell everyone the Universe sent you. Since Saturn rules the teeth, skin and nails, you might indulge in a mani, some luxe skincare or teeth whitening. Pampering yourself will be extra important around August 2, when a war between Uranus, planet of surprises, and the Sun, all about your performance, could leave you feeling overwhelmed and srsly. Over. It.

Got a big idea burning up in your brain? August 25 is your day of days. By then, Uranus and the Sun are BFFs again – the result: you’re brimming with confidence. People will be on board with whatever you pitch, so go for gold.

January 20-February 18
Emoji: Heart


How’s your heart, Aquarius? Nope, not talking about anything cardiovascular, it’s all about your emotional health. If your love life resembles the Desert Road (ie occasional twists and turns, but mostly no growth), or you’re really hating on yourself ATM, the planets want you to sort it out. Mars, planet of action, is going backwards through your 12th zone of healing until August 27, making this a month for emotional first aid (‘paging Dr Warner to triage!’). If you’re carrying emotional baggage that’s weighing down your Deadly Ponies bag or you’re still fuming over a painful event from the past, delve into self-help or chat to a counsellor. Yep, it’s uncomfortable, but it will help you finally move on.

The month won’t all be Struggle Street, though. From August 6 into September, Venus, planet of love, will be in your ninth house of adventure and travel. You could meet a hottie in Hawaii or a mysterious man in Manhattan (the sexy kind of mystery, that is, not the player kind). If OS travel is too expenny, fun missions closer to home (think: spa days, playing tourist in your own town) could be just the ticket. ‘Cause if anyone needs some fun RN, it’s you.

February 19-March 20
Emoji: Flame


Oh hey there, Cupid – long time, no see! This month the romance gods are smooching up to your sign, Pisces, and that’s a serious win for your love life. From August 6 until early September, Venus, the planet of love, is setting fire to your eighth house, the zone of intimacy. This is great news for singles with a crush on someone, and even better news for couples wanting to go next level. Get set for more closeness and better sex (yes please!). Actually, August 7 is a #blessed day for singles wanting to meet someone spectacular, as Venus hooks up with Mars, planet of sex, making for some serious fireworks – but you’ll need to be willing to open up instead of letting fear of getting hurt hold you back. Taylor Swift is probably not the best romantic role model, to be fair, but she has had her heart broken more times than she’s had number one hits yet keeps getting back in the game #inspo.

Mark August 26 in your diary – there’s a full moon in your sign, giving you licence to live your best life. Go forth and shine like the crazy diamond you are.

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Horoscope illustrations: Bonnie Brown | @studio.bon


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