Anna Coddington talks beauty, music and living a conscious life

6 June 2016

WORDS BY Fashion Quarterly New Zealand

Anna Coddington

Anna Coddington is a musician, a mum, a conscious shopper and now, the face of Trilogy’s Discover Nature’s Power campaign.

We sat down with the Kiwi songstress to talk about beauty, music and the small but vital steps you can take everyday to keep our planet on track.

FQ: What’s your philosophy when it comes to beauty?
Anna Coddington: Simple is best I think! I go light on the make up and light on the products (my routine usually just involves showering and moisturising).

Has being a mum made you more conscious of the way you choose to shop in terms of buying sustainably, cruelty-free etc, or is this something that’s always been top of mind for you?
It’s something that’s always been a factor for me, but has become more of a driving force in my choices as I get older. And yes, since becoming a mum, leaving the planet in a good state has definitely become more important to me.

What drew you to working with Trilogy?
I’ve always been a fan of Trilogy products, but when they asked me about being a brand ambassador I looked into the company a little more and was really happy to see that their moral compass aligned with my own in a lot of ways as well. They’re very environmentally and ethically sound and I wouldn’t feel comfortable being the face of anything that wasn’t.


Do you have three tips you can share for living more consciously?
1. Do what you can. So many people are put off by all the changes they feel they can’t make and would rather not think about what they’re consuming. It’s ok to not be perfect all the time, but the more you start trying, the more you see small changes you can make in your choices. Billions of people making these small changes is really the only thing that can make a difference (rather than a handful of people being extreme, zero-waste, vegans, etc).

2. Eat less meat. There is so much science around the effects of intensive farming on the planet that it’s undeniable this is a necessary step toward sustainability. Notice I don’t say “everyone be vegetarian”. Again, it’s not about going to extremes, just doing what you personally are capable of – eat meat once a day instead of 3 times, or have one or two (or three!) meat-free days a week.

3. Vote with your dollar. This is something I’m currently trying to implement in my own life and it’s hard because sometimes we can only think as far as our own bank balance. Not everyone has the same luxury of choice in that regard. But if you need something new – moisturiser, pair of pants, chocolate bar, whatever – there’s always a choice of products and companies. It feels a hassle to always be checking for fair trade, sustainable and all of that, but once you change a habit and know what your options are it’s easy. And sure, we’re bound to throw some things in the shopping basket without thinking about it, but if you make a handful of conscious choices in there somewhere, it still makes a difference. Companies respond to the public’s conscience and there are lots of lists on the internet to find out which companies tick your own moral boxes (cruelty-free, fair trade, sustainable, etc).

As a musician, you must go through extremely busy periods of touring, writing and recording. During these hectic times, how do you try to make time for yourself or to just chill out?
I’ve kind of changed my perspective to feeling like everything involves a level of “chilling out”. If I’m looking after my son, a lot of that time is hard parent work yes, but a lot of it is chill time too. We like riding the trains down town, going to cafes and stuff. And it’s the same with work – making music is very therapeutic for me. Writing and recording are in part chill time. I’m lucky to be self-employed and not have to dress a certain way and go to an office. As for doing nothing – that happens automatically at the end of the day – an hour or two on the couch mustering the energy to brush my teeth and get in bed. So it all balances out without trying, I think.

You recently received a recording and video grant from NZ on Air, congratulations! Does this mean we’re going to be seeing even more big things from you music-wise this year?
Thanks! Yes definitely. My music’s been bubbling away in my home studio for 4-5 years. This is the year it’s all coming out!

5 Favourite Things

Favourite way to spend a Friday night? Reading articles of interest on the internet.
Favourite brunch spot? Bread & Butter in Grey Lynn, Auckland.
Favourite meal to cook? Lentil spaghetti by My Darling Lemon Thyme, aka Emma Galloway (in her first cook book).
Favourite piece in your wardrobe? My new Kowtow Building Block pants. Soooo comfy but a little bit fashion.
Favourite new musical discovery? Leisure. They make feelings-laden, smooth, funky, white boy pop.

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