It’s time to discuss all the times Kylie Jenner’s been dragged for ‘stealing’ designs

13 June 2017
By Fashion Quarterly

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Kylie Jenner, why oh why do you always end up accused of stealing someone else’s design?

This week, Kylie Jenner has been called out for straight up ripping off another designer’s line with her camouflage collection, in what appears to be a recurring incident for youngest Kardashian sister.

PluggedNYC founder, Tizita Balemlay accused the 19-year-old businesswoman of literally copying her design.

“When you really Pablo … I am the influence *drops mic. Copy & Paste down to the shoes I used on my models 😂😭,” Balemlay said in a side-by-side comparison photo of her and Kylie’s lookbook pics on Instagram.

But that’s only part of the problem.


As it turns out, Kylie was actually the “first” person to receive a camo set from the New York-based brand back in April, Balemlay told Buzzfeed. That’s clearly how the reality TV star was able to copy the products so closely .

The situation has fired people up so much that Twitter users have been posting the email exchange between Kylie’s team and the fashion label as evidence towards the allegations.

Talk about throwin’ shade!

Yikes! That’s pretty obvious proof of her exchange, amiright?!

The bad rap for Kylie’s camo digs comes after the years of ongoing drama with Los Angeles makeup artist Vlada Haggerty who has publicly accused Kylie — numerous times — for copying her work in marketing collateral for Kylie Cosmetics.

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The artistic allegations initially began in December 2015 when Haggerty’s rose-gold lip picture was posted on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page without credit.

Although a credit which stated, “inspo by @vladamua,” was posted later on, the photo has since been deleted from the company’s page.

Fans and media also pointed out that the artwork on Kylie’s lip kit packaging looks suspiciously like Haggerty’s iconic drip lips. “The packaging looks similar to the lip art that I do,” the makeup artist said diplomatically in an interview with Refinery29 not long after the first story broke.

And just when we thought the kontroversy was over, Vlada Haggerty came out with this side-by-side Instagram post in November 2016, dragging Kylie for using her work as ‘inspiration’ for her new campaign once again.

Sensing a trend here, people?

While the initial drama with makeup artist Vlada Haggerty can be argued as playing to the infamous saying that ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’, this copy catting that Kylie seems to do a lot of is happening far too often to be called coincidental.

Come on, Ky. You’re better than this.

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