The unexpected Victoria’s Secret model wellness hacks their trainer prescribes

28 March 2018
By Fashion Quarterly

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“More sex, less screen time, go outside”. Phoebe Parke finds out what the Victoria’s Secret models REALLY do to get their to-die-for figures.

I’m not sure what I expected when I read an interview with Russ Bateman, the man who trains Victoria’s Secret models, but it wasn’t this.

Where I expected to find recommendations for grueling spin classes and 900-karat gold facials I found ‘spend less time on your phone’ and GO OUTSIDE MORE.

Maybe training to be a supermodel is easier than we all thought?

Bateman has been speaking to Glamour UK about his training regime for models, and it’s not what you think at all. Let’s explore.


Get some damn sleep

“Sleep is the one thing I ask girls about before they train with us,” says Bateman.”It’s the primary time that the body recovers from exercise and it’s also when you’ll be rebuilding torn muscle tissues.”

Is this an excuse for a lie in?! Loving these tips already.

Stella Maxwell, Lily Aldridge, Lais Ribeiro, Jasmine Tookes, Sara Sampaio and Elsa Hosk.

Have more sex

Apparently, sex is good for your immunity, stress relief and managing pain. “A female orgasm can more than double a woman’s tolerance for pain because it’s an analgesic, not an anesthetic, meaning it suppresses pain,” he told Glamour.

Change your no to carbs into a yes for vegetables

Do you have a friend that says “I’m not having carbs” at every meal you have together? Well, Bateman says that it’s better to say “I will have vegetables with my meal” instead. Obviously, for most people, eating more vegetables is better than cutting out an entire food group.

Bateman also endorses our Friday night takeaway (kind of). He says having a cheat meal at the end of the week is smart, or as he puts it; “The elephant didn’t move without a reward.”

Lily Aldridge, Josephine Skriver and Elsa Hosk.

Don’t do the same boring exercise over and over

Bateman suggests mixing up your workout so you don’t get bored. So no more hours spent on the treadmill? Fab.

Stop scrolling

In a very Red Hot Chili Peppers moment, Russ says you should throw away your television and instead go outside, cut down the time you spend on your phone, and stop scrolling Instagram. “It’s procrastinating and you get lost in a strange world based on peer pressure and competitive boasting.”

Okay, that’s it, I’m getting off the internet.

Words: Phoebe Parke
Photos: Getty Images

This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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