A match made in heaven – FQ discovers the very best of Villa Maria Wines

29 September 2022
By Fashion Quarterly

At the inaugural FQ Sleepover, Fashion Quarterly and friends were treated to an exquisite selection of Villa Maria's very best offerings. Here's what you need to know to perfectly pair them at your next spring soirée.

When hosting an intimate soirée, the easy part is deciding on the menu. Finding the perfect wine to complement that special moment can be a little trickier. Unless you’re blessed with the knowledge of a sommelier, figuring out whether to opt for a Rosé or a Sauvignon Blanc isn’t always straightforward.

Recently, Fashion Quarterly and friends were treated to the ultimate wine pairing at the inaugural FQ Sleepover. A decadent three-course meal at Esther was accompanied by a selection of Villa Maria’s iconic wines.

Every Villa Maria wine has been passionately crafted by New Zealand’s leading winemakers born from the unique terroir of three of New Zealand’s wine regions. 

Here are our recommendations from the evening.

To start: Villa Maria 2021 Single Vineyard Taylors Pass Sauvignon Blanc

With an abundance of vibrant fruit and a hint of blackcurrants mingled with herbs,  you can think of this Sauvignon Blanc as the perfect drop for spring. This wine has expressive intensity and a mouthwatering acidity that make this wine unforgettable. Trust us when we say it’s bound to be a hit as warmer weather fast approaches.
Pair it with: A highlight of the evening was undoubtedly Villa Maria’s Single Vineyard Taylor’s Pass Sauvignon Blanc paired with Esther’s famous baked saganakai, Greek Keflograviera cheese, honey and chilli. At home try pairing this one with cheese-based starters that will bring out the bold flavours of this Sauvignon Blanc. 

The main event: Villa Maria Private Bin Rosé 2021 and Reserve Pinot Noir 2020

If you’re tossing up between red, white or something in between, why not make the decision a little easier by serving up two equally delightful options with your main course? As warm and sunny weather returns to our shores, Villa Maria Private Bin Rosé  – with its  bright floral aromas and juicy fruit flavours of strawberry, red fruits and spice – it is the ideal drop to serve when summer is just around the corner.  

Villa Maria’s Reserve Pinot Noir is rich and velvety. This elegant wine features a touch of dark chocolate, and juicy summer dark berries. With its soft velvety tannins and a delightful spice, this is a deliciously complex drop that will be appreciated by all guests.


Pair it with:  The Fashion Quarterly team and friends enjoyed Villa Maria’s Private Bin Rosé and Reserve Pinot Noir  with a number of Esther’s best dishes: Fusilli, milk braised pork and chicken bolognaise bianca; slow-cooked lamb shoulder, roast garlic, anchovy and Moroccan olives; and Spatchcock chicken, harissa and burnt lemon.

Recreate the joy of shared dishes at home by creating a menu that fuses various cuisines and speaks to all palates. While the Rosé is the ideal match for lighter dishes such as seafood, the Pinot Noir will pair perfectly with any kind of red meat or mushroom based dish.

To finish: Villa Maria Noble Riesling Botrytis Selection 2021

Nothing is bound to impress your guests quite like a dessert wine served at the end of a memorable evening. This wine is like liquid gold in a glass. With aromas of candied citrus peel, apricot and honeysuckle and hints of ginger spice and orange marmalade, look no further than Villa Maria Noble Riesling Botrytis Selection  to create a moment to remember with your dinner guests. 

Pair it with:  Fashion Quarterly enjoyed this sumptuous Villa Maria dessert wine with Esther’s mouth-in-your-mouth apple tart served with vanilla bean ice cream. Packed full of flavour, this noble Riesling deserves to be the star of the show – opt for a dessert that’s not overly sweet to let the complexities of this drop shine. 


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