If anxiety is getting the better of you here are 8 ways to help stay calm

19 March 2020
By Fashion Quarterly

We are all feeling a little on edge right now and in a time of unified uncertainty, if you are already suffering from regular bouts of anxiety, the added stress of the current state of the world can really take its toll.

We totally get it and are in the same boat, so we have thought about what might help create a sense of calm and continuity in our lives and hope that you might also find these tips somewhat comforting.

If you are not one who usually feels stressed or overwhelmed, remember to check in with your friends and family who might need some extra reassurance.

Scroll down for some ways to help stay calm when anxious thoughts are trying to get the better of you.


Mindfulness is complete acceptance of the experience. Being mindful isn’t something that happens just during meditation; it’s an attitude that calm people bring to their day time and night time – and regular meditation allows to strengthen and refine one’s ability to be mindful.


It is easy to get overwhelmed with the pace in which we receive information, whether it be through our phones, at work or just walking down the street. We are overloaded with visual stimulation and when anxiety is already an issue sometimes it can just feel too much. Limiting screen time can have a really positive effect on your mental health and turning off notifications when you can also helps, try and give yourself some phone free time before bed as well. This will help lower your stress levels and promote a healthier night’s sleep.

Practice gratitude

When we’re constantly turning our focus to life’s many inevitable and tiny inconveniences, like running late, someone cutting you off, someone getting your coffee order wrong, or being caught out with a parking ticket, we forget about all of the things that we can really count ourselves lucky for. While not everyone keeps a gratitude journal, when you are feeling stressed and like everything seems to be crumbling it is reassuring to take a step back, take a big deep breath and think about the good things in your life. Remember to check in with the things you enjoy doing, take not of the things you like looking at and the tiny parts of living that bring you joy.

Keep your routine in check

Keeping a consistent routine reinforces and strengthens your circadian rhythm and in doing so increases productivity and one’s ability to remain calm and centered. A good way to ensure a daily routine is making a conscious effort to wake up and go to bed at the same time each day where you can.

Visualise, visualise, visualise

Visualisation can really help to keep your mind and body relaxed during times of pressure or anxiety. When faced with emotions that can take away from your focus – and ultimately a desired outcome from any given situation – calling on visualisation can help preparedness and confidence. Why? Because the nervous system doesn’t recognise the difference between real success and imagined success. Imagine what you could do with all that positive brain power?

Give yourself a break, prioritize sleep and make time for yourself

It is helpful to set boundaries for yourself and place a greater value on your own time especially when feeling overwhelmed. This helps prioritise downtime and ensures you get moments to relax and find activities that are restorative rather than exhausting.

Practice self-compassion

Not only does a road of self-compassion lead to greater life satisfaction, happiness and motivation, but it also increases resilience when faced with a stressful situation. With self-compassion, we learn to speak to ourselves like a good friend. Where mindfulness asks, “What am I experiencing right now?” Self-compassion asks, “What do I need right now?” People who practice self-compassion are also less likely to ruminate on how bad things are.

Remain present 

Who’s lost time or sleep to worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet? Our minds love to feed us with stories about the past and future, convincing us of all the things that can go wrong. One’s ability to stay connected to the moment and refraining from predicting the outcome before its happened can be the difference between success and failure. So, why chance it? Stay present.

Words: Erin Berryman
Photos: Ruby Hamilton

A version of this article originally appeared on beautyheaven.co.nz


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