8 secret adventure spots in New Zealand

9 January 2017
By Fashion Quarterly

8 Secret Adventure Spots in New Zealand

Kiwis are renowned for having itchy feet; from a young age it’s almost as if we are programmed to explore the world on our big OE.

But while travelling the world is amazing – you gain invaluable life experiences and see sights like no other – what we often forget is all of the many hidden gems right on our own doorstep.

Some of the most beautiful places are easy to locate, while others are a little harder to find. We thought we’d let you in on eight top adventure spots throughout the country that you need to add to your bucket list before you skip across to the other side of the world:

Anawhata beach

Anawhata beach on the west coast of Auckland is one of the most magical beaches this country has to offer.

Lake Pukaki

Listed as number six out of 10 of New Zealand’s largest lakes is this gem. Known for its outstanding blue colour, combined with an overlooking view of Mount Cook it is one spot not to be missed. The vibrant blue hue is created by ‘glacial flour’ – small glacial sediment in the water that forms as the snow melts off the mountains and into the lake.


Blue Springs by Alice Van Schaik

These fresh water springs are becoming a popular tourist spot as demonstrated by the amount of people you’ll find there on a Saturday morning. Located in Putururu, Waikato, the Blue Springs, which supplies around 70% of New Zealand’s bottled water, truly makes you grateful for the country you live in. Beware – the water is a cool 11 degrees all year round.

O'neills by Alice Van Schaik

Another West Coast gem, this semi-secluded beach just over the hill from Bethells is a great surf spot and the perfect place to watch the sunset. Tip: If you walk above Bethells beach along the Hillary Trail you are greeted with a surreal view looking over O’Neills.

Roy's Peak, Wanaka

Perhaps not as secretive as the rest, Roy’s Peak located in Wanaka is still one worth visiting. The full day hike takes you to the summit of Mount Roy and will present you with 360-degree views over Lake Wanaka, Mount Aspiring and more. Be warned, the track is closed from October 1 – November 10 each year.

The Pinnacles, Coromandel

A short (ahem) six hour hike takes you to the top of the Pinnacles in the Coromandel, but there you’ll find a view like no other. You’ll come out feeling on top of the world – quite literally – and with a strong sense of achievement. We recommend going prepared with lots of snacks and water.

Omanawa Falls by Alice Van Schaik

More than just locals have recently discovered this secret spot that is located 30 minutes outside of Tauranga. What awaits you at the bottom of a slight trek is a magical 35-metre waterfall and a dreamy swimming spot. The hike down can be a bit difficult with slippery slopes so be prepared to get messy.


New Zealand was finally put on the map by the rest of the world after Lord Of The Rings was filmed here – and Glenorchy was at the centre of it all. Whilst this little town can often be overlooked, there is much to be seen. We recommend spending a few days walking, biking and driving around this town to find many undiscovered spots.

Words: Tennille Ziegler
Photos: Alice Van Schaik and Supplied

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