5 ways to add attitude to your outfit c/o Hailwood

29 August 2015
By Fashion Quarterly

Smoke swirled around the entrance to the catwalk as the first model hit the runway to showcase Hailwood’s AW16 collection, a celebration of 15 years in the fashion industry for Adrian Hailwood. The designer presented a collection that exemplified luxury and glamour, but with a serious edge, thanks in large part to his new line of basketball sneakers in crisp white and black that were teamed with both casual and embellished looks. It was this juxtaposition that inspired features editor Lucy Slight to look at ways to add attitude to your outfits next winter – the Hailwood way.


Daytime up your night time pieces
Hailwood sent models down the runway in high top sneakers with evening dresses and sweaters tied around shoulders like scarves. Long floating silk skirts were worn with light long-sleeved cashmere and wool-blend knits and parkas were thrown casually over sequinned dresses. After three days in heels I can literally hear the balls of my feet sighing with relief. Perhaps I can get away with wearing sneakers for the rest of the week now…


Repeat prints and pops of colour
Throughout the show, flashes of colour would appear across different runway looks. A royal blue cardigan or coat matched back with the same bright hue in the models’ shoes or prints worn matching rather than clashing to offer a chic, but uniform look. It’s an easy way to introduce a bit of eye-catching colour into your ensemble while still being understated.

Choose one statement accessory and work it
Whether it was a thick gold chain with a large gemstone or an oversized beaded necklace, the styling at Hailwood was all about wearing one accessory and wearing it well. I loved the way the collarbone-length chains added a finishing touch to the more glamourous pieces, while also giving the more casual ensembles a serious hit of attitude.

Use prints to add texture
One of the very first looks to grace to runway was a dress made from a sheer black fabric with black velvet panther print spots and it was perhaps the chicest way I’ve ever seen animal print worn. It was subtle (unlike most prints of the animal persuasion) and I had to restrain myself from trying to reach out from my seat and touch the cloth as the model sashayed past me. Probably not the most appropriate thing to attempt, especially from the facrow…

Style your hair chic, then mess it all up
If your outfit has attitude, your hair can’t be boring, and Hailwood’s models had it going on. It was as if they’d had their hair twisted into perfect French rolls, then gone out onto the North Wharf during a strong on-shore wind and returned to have the whole look locked in place with extra hold hairspray. It was killer.


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