5 things to get you motivated and out of bed on a cold day

10 July 2018
By Fashion Quarterly

Because we all know the struggle is #real.

Waking up early and forcing yourself out of bed in the morning can be tricky. Especially when the weather’s freezing and your current sleeping situation is prime for enjoying a lazy morning snuggled up under the covers.

And while it’s definitely okay to have days like this, nothing beats the smug feeling you get when you make the most of an early start. So, in order to help inspire you to out of bed on those days you simply don’t want to (winter – anyone?) we’ve rounded up our top tips.

To see 5 things that can help motivate you out of bed on a cold day, scroll below:

General best practice

Most of us admit to hitting the snooze button to allow for a slightly longer sleep in. If this is your struggle – or if you just don’t want to get out of bed in general – then a great idea is to set yourself up for success by forcing yourself up out of bed every day.

The night before, set your alarm and place your device – whether it be your phone or a physical alarm – on a surface across the room and away from your bed. That way, when your alarm goes off in the morning the only way to turn it off is by getting out of bed. Easy right?! And once you’re standing you may as well keep moving.


Motivation 101

So now you’re out of bed (go you!) but you’re really feeling like you need some form of encouragement to get on with the day. Nothing amps you up and stops procrastination quite like listening to inspiring and thought-provoking words that’ll put you in a good mood and set the tone for the day ahead.

Our recommendations? Check out the podcasts our editors swear by for life improvement. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to watch rather than listen, take a look at our list of powerful and inspiring TED talks to suit any lingering moods or problems.


Get your groove on

An inspirational podcast or TED talk isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So if you’d prefer another form of morning motivation, why not try listening to a pumping playlist? Enjoy a selection of songs or artists that’s your jam to help get you amped up, excited and ready to take on the day.

Our favourite artists at Miss FQ right now? Well, we can’t get enough of the latest album from Reebok ambassador and all around inspirational girl, Ariana Grande. Other picks for us include Dua Lipa, Florence and The Machine and the new Drake album to help with your morning wake-up.


Wanting to clock that morning workout?

It can take colossal strength and dedication to leave your warm bed in the morning for a gym class or workout. So if you’ve found yourself dragging your feet lately why not consider scheduling some form of exercise with a friend to keep yourself accountable. And for extra motivation and excitement, purchase some new gym threads to get yourself up and ready for that yoga class. Right now, we’re loving all things Reebok after seeing a range of inspirational celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Gal Gadot sporting their exercise gear. When you’re wearing new kit you feel a million bucks – but when it’s also high-performing and gives you the support and comfort you need (like these Reebok Fast Flexweave sneakers), you’ll work out harder too.

Clockwise from centre top: Reebok layering t-shirt, $55; Reebok one shoulder padded bra, $80; Reebok training supply jacket, $130; Reebok socks, $20; Reebok mesh legging, $85; Reebok backpack, $120; Reebok Fast Flexweave, $150.


Treat yo’ self

By this point, we hope that you’ve clocked climbing out of bed but if you need another incentive why not choose a reward for starting the day. Treat yourself with tasty brunch post-workout. Or if you’re hanging at home, make a round of Blueberry buckwheat and buttermilk pancakes or a delicious hot drink like this Mexican hot chocolate mix. And if you’d prefer a reward that is less food related? Select a beauty treatment such as a pampering face mask to reward yourself for a job well done.

This article was brought to you by Reebok.


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