Everything we know about the 2024 Met Gala so far (and why it remains important)

22 February 2024
By Fashion Quarterly

The countdown to the first Monday in May is on. Here's what we know so far about this year's theme, dress, code, hosts and more...

Emily Ratajkowski at The Met Gala 2023. Image via Tory Burch Instagram.

The 2024 Met Gala is set to happen on Monday, May 6, 2024 at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The Gala will celebrate the Costume Institute’s new exhibition, “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion,” featuring around 250 rare items from the Institute’s collection, some of which have rarely been seen by the public. 

Spanning over 400 years of fashion history, the collection includes designs by iconic names like Schiaparelli, Dior, Givenchy, and more. Fragile garments, like a Charles Frederick Worth ballgown from 1877, will be displayed using various technologies such as video animation, light projection, AI, CGI, and sensory stimulation. The exhibition will be organised around three main “zones” – Land, Sea, and Sky, all paying homage to the natural world.

What’s the dress code?
The dress code for the 2024 Met Gala is “The Garden of Time,” inspired by J.G. Ballard’s 1962 short story of the same title. 

Who makes the Met Gala guest list?
The Met Gala is known for its secrecy, with a no-phone and no-social media policy for guests. The event typically involves exploring the exhibition, a high-profile performer, and a dinner where exclusive photos from inside the gala are usually kept private. 

The guest list for the Met Gala is top secret until the evening before the event, but it typically includes prominent figures in the entertainment and fashion industries. Around 600 attendees, including stars, young creatives, and industry leaders, make up the guest list each year. The Met Gala has seen appearances from celebrities like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Rihanna, and iconic pairings like Marc Jacobs with Kate Moss and Nicolas Ghesquière with Emma Stone.

Who’s hosting?
The hosts for the 2024 Met Gala include Zendaya, Jennifer Lopez, Bad Bunny, and Chris Hemsworth.

Where to watch 
To watch this year’s  Met Gala, you can head to Instagram and Facebook to access live streams and exclusive behind-the-scenes content (Vogue typically casts a live stream on Youtube). For us in Aotearoa, it’s expected to start streaming at around 10:30am on May 7 (6:30pm EST), as we’re approximately 16 hours behind.

Why is the Met Gala still important?
The Met Gala holds significance for its influence on global fashion trends, its role as a cultural and charitable event, and the exclusive, star-studded atmosphere it creates. With a focus on artistic expression, historical importance, and – not to mention – the social media attention it attracts, the Gala captures audiences internationally, making it an eagerly anticipated spectacle each year. In terms of its charitable efforts, the significant sums raised from participating attendees contribute to supporting the museum’s exhibitions, acquisitions, educational programs, and the preservation and promotion of art and culture.

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