20 things to do when you’re having a bad day

5 January 2018
By Fashion Quarterly

Master the art of coping mechanisms.

We all have those days when everything feels like it’s falling apart and nothing seems to work quite right. And yet while it’s important to commiserate our misery sometimes (pity party for one over here post-Christmas comedown and on the eve of our return to work), we also need to realise the importance of getting out of a funk and not wallow in it. So, to make the day feel a little less glum, swap out your blues with these 20 self-care activities.

Take a bath
Make your own bathroom a spa-like oasis with your favourite candles, soap and relaxing tunes. Immerse yourself in that warm water and watch all your worries float away. Taking a bath is known to reduce symptoms of stress and act as a muscle relaxant.

Look on the bright side
It’s time to realise life isn’t perfect and it never will be. So instead of wallowing in self pity, stop for a moment and consider all the good things in life. Be all about that positive mindset.

Listen to music
Turn on your favourite tunes and dance or sing like no one is watching. We all need to let go every now and then and getting lost in the music is the perfect release.

Smiling can be incredibly therapeutic though it literally is the last thing you want to do when you’re having a bad day. The first couple of smiles might be forced and awkward but keep the grin dial on full because the more you smile the more contagious it becomes and soon you’ll find yourself laughing.

Exercise = endorphins AKA the happy hormones. With a bit of exercise you’re sure to feel a little more optimistic and ready to take on the rest of the day. For those of you who find just the thought of exercising stressful, you’ll be happy to know that something a simple as a 15 minute stroll counts.

Eat dark chocolate
Most of us don’t need encouragement with this one. Just like exercise, eating dark chocolate is proven to produce endorphins and work as an anti-depressant. So when things aren’t going your way consider busting out a square or two.

Meditation allows your body and mind to reset and refresh. Go ahead and practice deep breathing while you clear your mind. Add in the practice of mindfulness and whatever situation you find yourself in will feel a little less overwhelming.

Take a break from social media
Before you start to panic at the thought of switching off, let it be known that research has proven that social media is a catalyst for anxiety and stress. Now the thought of turning off your phone for an hour or two doesn’t sound as bad does it?

Write down your thoughts
This is your opportunity to go crazy and let out all your thoughts and feelings onto the page. Try writing what is bothering you and then note down the things you are thankful for. This will help turn the tables on your bad day as you shift your focus from the negative to the positive.

Spend time with fuzzy friends
No explanation required for this one. Head home as soon as possible to your little loved one and let their worry-free lives and all around cuteness distract you from your fears. If you don’t have a pet, head to the local pet store for the second best thing.

Get in touch with your person/s
We all have that go-to person who we can vent to while they listen and encourage. If you’re having a bad day get that person on speed dial ASAP for an in depth de-brief. You’ll leave the conversation feeling a lot lighter but don’t forget to return the favour.

Enjoy some sun
Who doesn’t love the feeling of warm sun on their skin. Helping yourself to some much needed vitamin D is proven to improve your mental sharpness, help with blood pressure and is good for your teeth, bones and hair.

Read inspiring quotes
What better way to feel revived than reading inspirational quotes by your favourite humans? It’s an excellent form of motivation that will help give you a confidence boost as well as improve your state of mind.

We all know sleep is good for us and sometimes the best thing to do when you’re having a bad day is to catch a good night’s sleep. Hopefully after a bit of shut eye the next day will be a lot better.

Treat yo’self
It’s important to remember when you’re having a bad day that self love is a necessity and there’s nothing wrong with that. Pamper yourself by going for a massage, manicure or facial – you deserve it!

Dig up your favourite feel good movie or TV show and immerse yourself in that world. Sometimes a little bit of escapism never hurt anyone so feel all of those good feels. Snacks required, of course.

It’s totally okay to lose it sometimes and simply just have a big fat cry.

Sometimes abandoning the bad day or stressful situation for a much more pleasant one is just not an option. In the case of “I just have to get through this” one of the best ways to de-stress is to hydrate. A glass of water will give your body a boost of energy or, failing that, a cup of coffee never hurt anyone.

Just liking watching your favourite movie or TV show, reading a book can provide some much needed escapism and relaxation.

Get your DIY on and make something constructive. If you find baking or crafts relaxing dive into your latest project.

Words: Ella Francis
Photos: GIPHY & Pinterest


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